Descript Overdub Feature in Adobe Audition?

Background: I have been making audio podcasts using MRC presents on Adobe Audition for 2-3 years now and love MRC. Been dabbling into Adobe Premiere Pro for some video podcasts/interviews and stumbled across “Descript” when looking for a better transcription service.

Situation: I was blown away by the “Overdub” feature in Descript where you provide 30 minutes of your own voice and it trains the AI to create VoiceOver from text. :exploding_head: And its pretty seamless when I want to change an intro phrase or sentence using the native voice of the interviewer. It literally sounds like the original person! I tried re-creating an entire audio podcast using Descript Overdub from a transcript and it falls apart at that point because the overall conversation sounds ‘unnatural’. So my testing shows it’s good for small changes to blend into a natural interview/conversation, but not replacing a native conversation.

Question: Well, two questions:

  • AI Overdub: Now that Adobe Premiere Pro has introduced editing by transcript feature, is there any feature for Adobe Audition to do a similar “Overdub” in the interviewer’s voice (not the robotic, included voices)?
  • Filler Word Removal: Descript removes filler words (like, uhh, uhm, you know, etc.) automatically - does Adobe Audition offer automatic filler word removal?

Hey! Glad you’re enjoying Overdub from Descript!

Answer to your questions:

There’s no “Overdub” in Premiere Pro at present but it’s something that would be interesting for the future. I know Adobe have always been greatly concerned with the legal implications of voice cloning but who knows? VoCo was originally an Adobe thing so they have the tech but will they use it? :slight_smile:

Filler word removal is now a thing in Premiere Pro Beta just search transcript and use the drop down menu to select “Filler Words” you can erase all in one go!

A more natural AI voice tool than Overdub would be something like ElevenLabs if you’re looking to create a whole podcast and have it sound natural. Try it out!