Delays when recording voice on Adobe Audition CC 2019

. And this is the mixer which am getting delays when am recording voice on Adobe Audition CC 2019

Ok, I will take a picture and post to you so that so that you can help me to solve this issue, because i can not even record because of that delay. Am using Mackie Profx6v3 USB mixer interface. But when am using Hybrid mixer MC6002S and this mixer is using aux cables and when I use this, its recording great without delays.

I think it’s because you have your ‘blend’ knob fully turned to the right (USB). When recording, you should turn it to the left so that you are monitoring the input.

You’re suffering with latency. Using consumer grade equipment this is near impossible to eradicate but the way to do it is to direct monitor via the mixer rather than monitor via the computer.

Thanks, i apply you knowledge it works.

Thanks, i changed the knob little bit to inputs it works.