Dear friends, I would very much like to learn this kind of voice processing

Hi friends, I watch a video about Mike’s work in Adobe Audition, I’m excited about his presentation of the material, thank you very much! I’m sorry that I do not speak English, I think, then I would not ask this question here. Can you friends teach me a similar voice processing ??? If Mike already has such a lesson, then tell me the title of this lesson!
Would be glad to list the dynamic processing and effects used in the audio track. Link file to the processing in question. Thank you for attention. I apologize for the mistakes of the translator.

MOD EDIT: I have uploaded the MP3 to the community to make it easier to listen to. File was virus scanned before upload, and can confirm it to be safe. -DH

Hi @Stenin, I try to listen to your file but my Malwarebytes program block your webpage for possible risk. You can upload the mp3 file in here instead.


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Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.

Or perhaps you can use another service like Goggle Drive. :metal::headphones::metal:

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Anyone concerned about the link @Stenin has posted, or are getting warnings from their malware programs, I have checked it and it is safe. I couldn’t get the demo to play, but the MP3 download does work and is quite legit.

I urge you to download it. It is very impressive!

Great work, @Stenin!


A dear friend is not my job, but I want to learn how to do it, what I’m doing is like this file Stenin, but I want to learn how to do the processing exactly as in the entry “Nice intro”

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Well @Stenin, On Mike’s youtube channel you can search for voice processing, better voiceover, how to make your voice sounds like radio announcer, Mikes audition presets 2017,…

I heard your work “STENIN File” and you sound pretty cool, Great Voice! just as you wrote, it needs a little of EQ and Compression, perhaps a little exciter. Maybe playing a little more with the panning and the volumen levels.

Hope you like the community and Mike’s youtube channel!


thank you very much for the advice, I really hope that I will succeed, tomorrow I will try to play at the “studio” with exactly the effects that you indicated. Damn how cool that you answered me, , in our Russian forums you will not wait for a response from the great and mighty sound engineers.
If you use the plugins of Waves, can you recommend what would you do with the plugins?

I’m with you, I’m comfortable here, there are cool dudes and great maestro Mike Russell,

I really want to make myself a dj intro in English without a Russian accent, but unfortunately there is no native speaker. In the text I would like the following.

“Please Welcome … Live online podcast of electronic music … Atmosphere … Meet DJ Stenin”

Can you help with the voice?

@Stenin There is a lot of plugins that you can use from waves for voiceover or vocals if you are doing music. But I think that for me, I choose:

-The SSL bundle
Just for listing a few ones



@Stenin I’m out of town right now and I will be travelling for the next weeks, so I cannot help you, perhaps some one in here can. There is another way you can have your voice. Using TTS (Text to Speech)

First link
Second Link

Just for you to listen the kind of things you can do with TTS, I post a story in Share your Projects segment called A dog Diary. Trying to make feelings with TTS de All the voices are with TTS tech.


No probem!) thanks) Mb later)
Have a nice day)

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Double or triple up the voice tracks and also try adding some multiband compression in Adobe Audition. I’ll get this answered on my new live stream. The show is stacked with questions for December but I’ll do my best to create a show on this topic in January 2018 :+1:

Hello @Mike, i watched the live show you did about this question, and i have question on my own. After duble and triple the voice in multitrack. Let’s say triple, how to avoid clipping and distrotion because the voice will become very loud in that point ?