DaVinci Resolve Fairlight fixing bad audio

Hey Mike. You MUST see this video on removing clipping/repairing audio in Davinci Resolve’s Fairlight page! I am sending you the link. The 5:22 - 6:10 in particular is pretty amazingRemove Bad Audio in Resolve Fairlight

#worldfamousrahim: Why so secretive? Why not share the link for everyone “Mr World Famous”? If you do not want to share your information, then also do not place topics like these here…

(To #Mike and #Izabela: sorry but this is not to me to comment the above, but I think it is not fair to setup a topic without sharing the information…)

First off Pablum. It started out as a message, not a post. @Mike was not accepting inbox messages when I sent it, so the system let me know that.
Second, somehow the link did not get included with my “post”, even though I included it when I copied and pasted my entire message to @Mike so I am not trying to be secretive in any way. Anything I post is for the furtherance of this community, as I have been trying to get @mike to develop DaVinci Resolve presets (equivalent to his Adobe Audition presets) for more than a year. This video that I pointed out was to help him in the development of said presets.
Lastly, don’t play with my name. I am a legitimate celebrity, having eclipsed my own former DJ career some 40 years ago. You probably play some of my records, and don’t even know it. My moniker is well earned, as I am known on every continent. I just don’t need the attention focused on me, as I am here to help improve the community with anonymity. If I come across the video link again, I will share it. Don’t poke the bear if you don’t have the ability to defend yourself against such.

(Sorry @Mike and @Izabela, but you both know me better, Pablo does not.)

@worldfamousrahim thanks for posting! Do you mean this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TghCv7EU5kk&t=2s - if you let me know the exact video title I can link to it here - not certain what went wrong :slight_smile:

Don’t worry - I am working on @Mike getting those presets done for DaVinci as well - you are not the first person to ask!!

No Izabela. The video link is this one. I just found it again…. It refers to using the Fairlight page to set a curve for oversaturated audio at a granular level.

Plus this one that refers to the Soft Clipping plugin…. This one may help Mike in developing presets.

Thank you for responding. I am just waking up to your message, as I am in the US. When Mike and I did a personal coaching session last year, I had already been asking about Resolve presets. If you remember, I dumped Adobe CC about 2 years ago since I already own CS6 Master Suite, and switched over to Resolve. In my session with Mike, he helped me set up Logic Pro presets. The Audition and Premiere presets that I bought from Mike no longer work without Creative Cloud, but they were so great that I want them for Resolve. I was just trying to show him these two videos, which may help him in developing the presets, and the second video may help the community.

Take care.