CS 5.5 Effects Rack Presets to latest audition

Hi Folks,
1st time posting. Don’t laugh but I’m still using CS5.5 on a Mac… because it still works on High Sierra OS.
However I realise the time has come and I’ll have to get into the realm of pay monthly to use a product that still works fine as is. :slight_smile:

My question is, I have plugins with Effects Rack presets on CS5.5, so, if I start running the latest cloud based Audition, will these presets follow me or will I have to start from scratch?
Or… Can I save them anyway and load them into the latest Audition on a Mac?

I’m a little apprehensive of migrating to the new version just in case these don’t work.

Many thanks

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Hi @Voiceoverguy good call with the move :slight_smile: plenty of good improvements since CS5.5!

As long as you can save .sesx file - in theory you should be able to open it in updated version. You will likely find that a number of things will be incompatible as there were a lot of changes between CS5.5 and latest CC version now. Same goes for plugins - you will need to re-install them (some may need an update to be compatible).

Thank you Izabela, very helpful. Yes I work with .sesx files on CS5.5 so, good new that they will still open in CC.
Maybe I should download the trial and check it first before going full on with it.

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Yes that’s a good idea, let us know how it went @Voiceoverguy - curious to know if the transition turned out to be smooth in the end?