Crowds shouting and chanting

Is there a technique and/or a plug-in that can create the sound of a crowd chanting something particular you want them to shout out? There have been various tricks I’ve tried where you shout something and merge it with other “tuned” sounds. But it’s a bit of a cheat and doesn’t sound as good as one may hope. I’m thinking there must be some way of doing this without hiring a cast of thousands.



You can achieve this in the multi track or audition by recording the shout and then multi tracking it. Move each clip a fraction off from the original, pan each clip varying degrees left and right.

And some background noise on another track mixed to the right level.

Add a tiny bit of reverb on the master track. Not too much otherwise you’ll end up with an unwanted comedy effect.

Thank you. However, I’m looking for a BIG crowd. Stadium sized type of chanting. Thousands. Tens of thousands, maybe. I don’t think that this technique will achieve this without considerable layering (and effort).

Bounce down the first layering you do, then change effects on the original tracks and pans and bounce that down to. Once you have a few bounce downs and some atmospheric noise you just need to position them slightly off from each other and pan the bounced own tracks varying amounts of left and right.

Consider also adding a 10 voice chorus to each of the bounce downs and also on the master to beef it up further.

Ok…I’ll give it a try. Thx.