Creating a name

Hi Guys,

I am starting a new podcast in the evenings but I can’t come up with a catchy name. Everything that I come up with other people have used the same name for band names and other things. I will mostly be playing RnB, Soul, Hip-Hop, Dusties. Stepping, Neo Soul, House and Pop.

Here are the names that I came up with that are taken:

Indigo Soul Radio

The Evening Experience

Evening Extravaganza with Renee

Bare Soul Music Radio

Pillow Kisses w/Renee

Indigo Sunsets w/Renee

Indigo Soul Sunsets Radio

Soul Lyft Radio

Soul Outburst Radio

HELP :exploding_head: Can someone please suggest something? Thanks in advance.

Dj Renee

What about combining elements of the names you’ve thought of that are taken to create a unique name?

Indigo evening radio

Sunset soul

Indigo Soul Smackers

Obviously you have an idea in your head of what you’d like but if those names are taken you may have to either combine ideas to create an individual name or go back to the start and start from scratch with a totally different naming idea


Sunset Skyline


I am a fan of coming up with something unique and combining your name in with it (this way you are avoiding the risk of somebody replicating the idea). Soul Set with Renee (as in Sun Set and perhaps emphasise this with logo). Just an idea!


thank you very much! I like the idea :blush: