Created Radio Imaging

Hi Mike, And everyone

This is Nour Allam, an Arabic VO. I really appreciate your efforts in your brilliant videos I learned a lot.
So, I practice your tutorial about Radio Sweepers, and I hope you have the time to review it and give me your feedback :pray:
I used Audacity in recording, editing, and mixing.

Much appreciated, Thanks in advance!


Well done Nour, that sounds really good!

I would potentially turn the sound effects volume down a little bit in the mix.

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Yes the sound is a little bit to hard when compare it to the spoken words, I personally would give the spoken words just a little of reverb, and also put extra stereo mix on the words, in other words text should slightly goes from left to right and vica versa.

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Amazing work and created in Audacity. Well done!

Love the stereo sweep sound effect (from right to left). As mentioned by @Izabela and @Dj-Pablo certainly give the spoken word space to breathe. EQ and compression are especially useful to dial in correctly here.

Congrats on making these!


Much appreciated, Izabela!
will fix it. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Thank you Pablo, appreciated your comment. Yes, will try If I could, as Iā€™m not that good at mixing :sweat_smile:

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:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray::pray::pray::pray: Iā€™m grateful for you, Mike! thank you.