Create Forum Categories

@Mike I think there should be two new categories for organizing the site’s posts better:

1) “Software Advice”: A Place to ask for help at software related problems, maybe with the sub categories “Adobe Audition”, “Audacity” and similar
2) “Hardware/Equipment Advice”: Discussions about equipment to get started, e.g. what for a microphone, good headphones etc. (we face these discussions at the moment)

Maybe there could be an official place also to collect knowledge highly compressed - like Joe’s List. Just with the different, that it is always reachable and clearer organised (similar to a wiki somehow).

That were just some thoughts I had using the website. At the moment, a lot of stuff is going on in the general category. Looks a bit messy to me.


Hi Mike,

I don’t know if the forum software gives that possibility: it could be better IMHO that on the main page only the main categories are listed and clicking on the category of interest all the topic related to that category will be listed. Of course more categories have to be created.
This a standard looking and operation for most forums.



Categories are now in place. Thanks @Jaspa and @Renato for the suggestion!

You’re welcome, Mike.

Wow, the category/subcategory wish was very good realized!
Only when clicking on Menu it’s a bit much, though

Thanks, there are a quite a few categories now but I’m sure we will find the popular ones soon enough :wink: