Countdown Theme For Live Stream Show (5 mins.)

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Enjoyed listening.

@Hot_Jazz_Chick this is very cute. I feel like I am in a castle trying to save a princess. hahaha

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Interesting to see the final mx with the voiceover added. Well done.
Nice punchy knick drum and gated snare. Yamaha?

This is totally cool!

The start makes me feel like I could be in Bavaria and then, as it goes on, I’m in the 1980s (a great decade for music) :+1:

Well I’ve learned something listening to it on your replay today.
It sounds flat. What happened there? The kick should be pumping mad.

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Do you mind if I play around with this as a show intro…will upload to you when done.

It was nice to hear it. Great job. @Hot_Jazz_Chick maybe the cause of that flat sound that you said, are your studio monitors, the room treatment or something at your studio that fools you with the basses. Just giving my opinion because the mix was great and relaxing to hear.


Help yourself @Poppie37

Have fun mixing and mastering with MRC.FM



All ok my end. Just on Mike’s YouTube Channel.
Maybe compression related?
Might he have played it though some DSP?
Thoughts @Mike ?

Just the Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK right out to the stream.

I know YouTube Live plays back at 128 Kbps (Stereo) right now, maybe that’s it?