Content Creation: Saving, Backing Up, Hard Copy, Cloud Storage

Ever forget to back up something? Costly isn’t it.
Better to be safe than sorry.
I use a USB3 WD 2TB Passport Backup drive that syncs whenever I connect it to my system that I bring with me on projects.

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Backups are key essential to any workflow today. If anyone reading this isn’t backing your work… DO IT NOW…

I am a computer geek and I will professionally tell you that it’s not “IF” your equipment will fail, it’s “WHEN” it fails.

Not sure what to back up? Think if it this way, if you lost it would you care? If so, back it up.

I personally back up everything I do… I have back ups of backups and still burn things to CD’s/DVD’s and the cloud just in case.

DO IT today!!!



Unfortunately CD’s/DVD’s don’t last forever.
It could sound strange, but it’s safer to backup on an Hard Disk (if you use it only for backups).


you are absolutely right… on that same note, nothing really ever does, does it?

The number of times the auto backup of Adobe Audition multitrack sessions to Creative Cloud has saved me…

Having a home based backup in place is also a great idea in addition to cloud storage. Good topic!

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