Configure Audition 3

I have Audition 3.0 which I last used under windows 8. I have now loaded it under on a new PC under Windows 10 without a problem. I wish to move some audio tapes to CD so I have connected the tape recorder to the line in on the PC sound card and setup Audition to stereo with input line in and output Speakers.
I have two problems:
1 the recording gives the same on both channels. I have a test CD that plays both channels and then each in turn. The output appears on both channels in all cases
2 I cannot get output on the speakers while recording. Playback is fine.
I downloaded a trial version of the latest release of Audition and that behaves correctly.
So it would seem I have a problem with the settings in V3.
Can anyone help. V3 worked fine on the old PC with windows 8

It’s been a long time since I’ve used audition 3.0 so let’s hope this is correct!

The first issue is probably your audio channel mapping. Open preferences, go into audio channel mapping and make sure you have the left and right channels mapped accordingly.

The second can probably solved from within windows. You should be able to hear the line in device from within windows volume mixer. There must be sound there otherwise you wouldn’t be recording anything at all.

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Thanks for the help.
First one solved by reinstall and resetting the channel mapping. (same as the previous time so I must have messed up something else).
Second one app sound settings input to line in, output to speakers - still no monitoring sound to the speakers.

I have loaded the latest trail version of audition and get the same problem - no speaker output while recording.
I feel the problem is in windows as you suggest. I have set the Sound settings in Windows 10 advanced sound option for the audition app to:
Output: Speakers
Input: Line in
Any suggestions would be welcome.

Finally found it. The Realtek audio control recording device line in setting was set to zero volume. All the other settings were okay. I have no idea how that one was changed.
Thanks for your help