Click Sound which I can't figure what it is

Hi Mike I am Nitin I make Maths tutorial videos, I need help, there is some weird click sounds (not mouth click ) in almost every video of mine and I can’t figure why it is, is it mic problem or some filter I need … Here is the audio, I am unable to upload wave file

Thanks in advance :blush::heart:

Thanks so much for posting the sample! If I could provide two pieces of feedback:

  1. The noise reduction on this audio is a little intense - back this off for a more natural sound.
  2. I believe the recording level is too high introducing digital clipping (the click sounds you refer to) so try to lower the microphone volume a little.

These two tips should help you on the way :slight_smile:

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Thankyou so much for replying … Its a big thing considering the busy schedule of yours … and thankyou for providing solution, I will do this & I am sure it will work :blush: :pray: