CLA Vocals from Waves Plugins

I just bought this plugin, and I can tell you that it’s amazing! The main goal is for singing but, it can be use on voiceover. It’s part of the summer sales from Waves. You really have to try it @Mike.


CLA Vocals Video


I was hesitant to get this on as I’m not sure it can do anything new that I couldn’t achieve with another plugin in my arsenal.

What makes this plugin unique for you @Juanmapinker?

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Thanks @Mike, I think first of all because as same as Infected Mushroom Pusher plugin, this has anything to process the voice in one single plugin, so it’s a good thing for cpu performance. I also like the chain that it has, Eq-Comp and then the ambiance o little touches and different forms to play with it. :slight_smile:

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