Change the Postfix separator when bulk saving

Hello, I use Audition to record my voice tracks for radio shows.
I use a lot of automations to speed up my production process
Once my voices are done (auto ducking on music bed, audio fx, eq, compress, …), I mix down to a new file, scan it to find silences, and then export selected range markers to new files.
I prefix it “year-month-day-” and then postfix it “1, 2, 3” (my client needs that formatting)
That’s my problem, Audition uses an underscrore “_” as postfix separator, I need a simpe minus "-"
Is there a way to change this postfix separator?

My solution until now: make an Automator Folder Action (on Mac) that will replace automatically the _1 by -1 when saving the files on the disk

Top of that the numeration needs to start at zero and use a double digit format like “2021-03-01-00.wav” but that’s another question :slight_smile:

Hope my english is correct, I’m french native :slight_smile:

Thanks for the question @Olivier_Maghe but as far as I’m aware this isn’t possible. It sounds like you have a good setup already with the Mac Automator solution.

You can always suggest this as a new feature in the Adobe Audition UserVoice group :slight_smile: