Can't record in Adobe Audition

Just getting started in VO. Had been using Audacity because it was free. Decided that long term, switching to Adobe Audition was the right play.

I downloaded and installed Adobe Audition.

I have a Fifine T693 USB microphone plugged into my Dell laptop running Windows 11. I can still record in Audacity. I can record in Audition off my Dell mic. I can test the volume level in Audition. But when I try to record with the Fifine mic in Audition, it doesn’t record anything.

I have watched Mike’s video on Youtube

I have confirmed that I have the Fifine mic is set as the default.

I’ve also checked the checked the audio channel mapping settings.
It wouldn’t let me upload a separate screen shot of the audio channel mapping setting because I’m a new user. :frowning:

I’m pretty frustrated. I still within my 7 day free trial of Adobe Audition. I know it’s the superior DAW vs. Audacity, but if I can’t get it to work, I’m just going to cancel it.

Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.



Here is the screen shot of my audio channel mapping settings.

Appreciate ANY and ALL help to get this up and running before my free trial runs out! LOL…



Hey John, I feel your frustration. It’s odd that the Fifine mic works in Audacity but not in Audition. One quick thing to try in Adobe Audition go to Edit > Preferences > Audio Hardware and make sure the Fifine mic is selected as the input. Seems like you did that from the screenshots. Also, double check the sample rate settings to make sure they match between your mic and Audition. Hope this gets you up and running!