Can't get Rodecaster Pro2 to register audio in Audition

I have a new Rodecaster Pro 2 that I cannot get to show audio levels in my computer running Audition. The computer is Windows 11 with Nivida 2gig and 16 gig of ram. The mic I am using is listed in Audition but will not register any level of sound. There is no sound going into Audition from the mic. Can you help? I have spent hours with Adobe trying to fix the problem. Thanks.

I feel your frustration. First things first let’s make sure your Rodecaster Pro 2’s firmware and your computer’s drivers are all up-to-date. Sometimes the little gremlins in the updates can fix things.

Also, in Audition, under Edit > Preferences > Audio Hardware. Double-check if Rodecaster Pro 2 is living happily as the default input. On Windows pop into the Control Panel, then Sound, and ensure the Rodecaster is wearing the crown as the default recording device.

Worth to also check cables and even test on a different system to see if the same issue happens.