Can th even be fixed

Hey folks, I have some audio for a youtube video I shot. It sounds pretty bad and I Think its due to the environment I flimed it in. It sounds echoey to me but I have no idea how to fix it or even if it can be fixed? I’v tried to dereverb but that doesn’t seem to fix it. I’ve also ran it through my Pro podcast preset that I purchased here, but still no luck. I’d be mighty grateful if anyone has any ideas or tips on what I need to look at. this is the file

Many Thanks

Yes … it can be fixed

Starting in CC 2019 there is a “de-reverb” feature that works very well. ( I use CC18 meanie heads at a Adobe don’t support Win 7) See @Mike’s YouTube video Here

There are some other hacks but they are labor intensive & don’t work in some situations

Just my 2 Cents

Hi Michelle, I did run your sample past Pro Podcast Presets (Fix: Echo Issues Track). Attached result. I think it’s miles better already. It will never be perfect - it certainly does sound much better though! Also a suggestion - presets are designed to work with audio at 44100 Hz - so do make sure to work with that format. Also if you have an option to extract the audio as wav you will always have a bit of a better quality too. I hope this helps!