Can I edit this or do I need to re-record

Hello, I am working on my first Audible project for ACX. My chapters pass the ACX checks, but some parts are not pleasant to the ear. I recorded in Audacity; so far, I have used multiple effects, such as click removal, noise reduction, EQ Graphics, Pop Mute, EZ Patch, and more. However, some issues still aren’t fixed, like the crackling and occasional popping sounds. Please reference the audio sample. I am thinking of purchasing additional plug-ins or rerecording with a better quality mic. I recorded with a low budget Toner mic with a stand and pop filter. I did try my best to soundproof a small room of my basement. Thanks so much for any advice or thoughts you have to offer!

Thanks for posting here! I agree - the audio doesn’t sound good. Unfortunately Toner mics are known for quality issues. It’s always best to work with the best quality audio you can before any post editing is added. My advice would be to re-record with a better mic. I know this is a lot more work but you will be grateful in the long run! Best of luck with this.

Thanks for the advice. Yes, I ended up rerecording with a blue snowball mix and the sound quality is much better.