Call into MRC Live For Free!

Hi All!

I found this brilliant software where you can call Mike directly live from in the studio! If you live outside of the US. I figured it out earlier on!

This software is called FireRTC Free to use.

Register and Call the Studio!


All the Best!

Ross :slight_smile:


This is really useful for people like myself based in the UK!

Thank you @Ross!

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Great tip here @Ross.

@DavidHunterScot well done for trying this out on the live stream today. The audio was a little glitchy at times. I’m not sure what that may be down to but great that it is free for UK callers.

I mentioned Google Voice as an option on the show today. I’m pretty sure you can sign up in the UK and just skip the creation of a US phone number. I seem to remember Google Voice allows free US phone calls. Am I correct in this thought?

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Hi @Mike

Doesn’t look like it’s free for anyone outside the US. There might be a way around it, but don’t have cash I can splash on testing this out.

I listened back to today’s live stream to hear what the call was like and can hear it was a bit glitchy, but I heard you perfectly fine. It might be due to my computer’s weird internet connection where it sometimes likes to limit my bandwidth, and sometimes denies me a connection at all. I did have the stream playing in the background muted, but that shouldn’t be an issue with my internet connection.

Prestwick is known for its good internet connection, just my PC likes to be different. I know it’s my PC cos my laptop and phone and everyone else in the house using the same connection seem to be fine, just my PC!

Will see if my next call can be done from a different device so it should hopefully be clearer for everyone. Apologies on behalf of my PC for ruining the show for everyone during my call.