Bypassing plugins

Good day to everyone, I’m trying to do an A/B comparison of a 29 tracks in audition. It’s there a way to bypass all the plugins in all the tracks at the same time?

Ctrl+Shift (on a pc) allow me to do several things in all tracks like “MUTE” “SOLO”, but not bypass the effects.

Please advice


There’s not a way that I know to do this with one click or keyboard shortcut @Juanmapinker. I’d suggest switch to mixer view to quickly go along and toggle effects off channel by channel.

This is likely not the easy answer you’re looking for :wink:

Thanks @Mike, I submit this feature to the Adobe team for next upgrades, hope they do. In protools this feature can be done without any problem, so I hope soon the AA users can do it as well.


Put FX on busses, group busses, mute busses.


@The_Tone_Arranger genius!

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That would be one solution @The_Tone_Arranger and @Mike , but the thing is that when I’m working with a lot of tracks, and I have different settings for differents effects, e.g. EQ for the kick drum, snares, toms, etc, parallel compression for the all the drums in other bus, Different EQ for the acoustic guitar, some effects for the electric one; for the lead vox different for the backing vocals and so on. In my workflow I have each instrument together, drums, pads, guitars, keyboards, vocals (lead vox and Backing voclas), each group with their own busses or sends, etc. If I’m working with few tracks, then the busses could be near within the screen. But if I’m working with 17, 20, 25 tracks, this become not that easy (at least for me). In AA we can turn on and off the mute, solo, etc. panel with two keys, that it can be done. But not for the effects like in Pro Tools. Just one feature that could be cool and handy to have it. Now, I turn on and off busses and effects rack one by one to have a A/B comparisson, it’s possible to work that way but more time for that.
Of course I’m talking for music production, not radio or voice over production that the needs could not be so demanding.

Glad that we have this conversation


Studio One has global FX Bypass toggle.

Also you can use Scratchpad and setup 2 instances of your mix and A/B like a cue mix.

Thank you Cado, I will look up for that option


So many plugins these days. What’s that about? Music needs to air to breathe.

On this track, there’s just the live natural reverb from the guitar amp and the Lurssen Mastering Module plugin on the master out. with K14 Metering.

I used stems instead of tracks to cut down on CPU hogging.

Sounds great!

This is a big thing @The_Tone_Arranger, specially the portability. Thanks for the info.