Bug with Audition CC2019

hi - has anyone else had this problem, it would be great to know and if you’ve found a solution…

I broadcast three time a week live on Solar Radio and during the show, I use Audition to merely record the stream in wav form for podcasting. Over the past month, I cannot end the recording session. Essentially the stop button does not work! I have reported to Adobe, and saw someone else had the same problem.

Let me know.



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Does the stop button change when you hover over it during recording?
Does the spacebar still work?
Any changes to keyboard shortcuts?
Can you launch a separate transport window and see when focused, if that works?

What OS?

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hi -n thanks for the reply. Nope, the space bar does not work either. No new hot keys added. I am using a second monitor though. I am on the latest Mojave and this issue is with a MacBook Pro. I am on at 4, and will try recording the show in multitrack and see how that goes.

Currently, I have been getting the spinning beachball. I then have to force quit and then use the open last session tab that Audition offers.

Will try the transport window idea too.

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That sounds pretty terrifying especially if you’re recording long shows and hoping you’ll be able to stop and recover the recorded session.

I wonder why that’s happening @David. Have you thought have running Activity Monitor on your Mac to see if there’s a larger issue like RAM or CPU usage maxing out?

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hi @Mike…exactly…force quitting and hoping was fearful. However, this weekend, I decided to record it in the multitrack view instead, and it was perfect. It makes me think there is a bug with wav recorder and, also, someone else has already reported it to Adobe with 4 ‘likes’ on it, so I think others are experiencing it.

By luck, it is also better recording in the multitrack, as if there are any edits required, it is much easier and smoother in that view.

I use Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack to stream. As a back up, I now add their recording block in my streaming workflow, is in effect, I now have two recordings of the show!

Thanks for you reply Mike



That’s great to hear @David and what a great backup using Audio Hijack too.

I hope it gets sorted out soon if it is the case that it’s a bug and you’re right about recording and editing in multitrack. Makes everything very easy! :slight_smile:

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