Bruno Mars & Lady Gaga Power Intro

Two power intros I have created in the past, what do you think? Really enjoy making these as well as beatmixes!


Always good to have celebrities drops in your arsenal! :sunglasses: Sounds good!!

Oooh, I like! What’s the kind of stutter effect on the first intro?

I basically snapped the song to the grid (i use pro tools) then changed the grid to display in 1/16 and then split the section where she sings ‘love’ on the grid and deleted notes inbetween!

heres a visual of how i do it

edit: sorry on the lady gaga track i think it was 1/32 not 1/16 :stuck_out_tongue:

They sound great @Lewis_Bilkey and thanks for sharing your stutter effect from the Lady Gaga track.

I’ve can see how that grid can be really handy when working on effects like this one :slight_smile:

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I see I see. Thanks for sharing this Lewis. I have to experiment with this myself.