Blue Yeti X hypersensitive

Hi @Mike ,
after watching your recent reviews on USB mics at youtube, my ask here is specific to Blue Yeti mic.
I had tried this mic (Yeti X) usb mic, even with 3 led gain with cardiod i found very very sensitive. When i say sensitive, it capture the crispy sound of finger movement on surface of table.
The big drawback i found is its inbuild mic-stand. one should not use this mic with stand. You have to use Radius3 shockmount.

i know i am not using it properly, help with below queries
My question is, your thought on best setting to use , since the output is digital (no interface) . what is best way to process voice over on this mic.

Since its a hypersensitive mic, even a little move the source (while speaking) result big variation in sound signal. How do you tackle this, did you strength weak signal with compressor?
How to make a good crispy VO with this mic.

Your thoughts, tips and tricks much would be appreciate

I’ve not used the Blue Yeti X microphone. I did use the Pro version (with XLR) and with this option you can use a microphone processor or noise gate to reduce unwanted sounds.

In your situation there are two dials you can play with.

Pattern (on the back) make sure it is set to cardioid (heart shape) as any other setting will pick up more background noise.

Volume/Mix (on the front) turn it down a bit.

After this I’d set up a really good noise gate in your audio editor :slight_smile: