Better audio quality for incoming phone calls

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I sometimes take calls in to an internet radio live stream using

The phone audio quality is pretty good but not as good as that achieved on broadcast radio stations … some sort of audio processing is being done to clean up the sound whilst still leaving it sounding like a phone call … which is good.

Are there any software (VST, DSP) plugins that could be used to improve and get the best sound from a phone call ?



Phone calls are tough to fix as they’re dropping out most frequencies to save bandwidth so you’re left with much less audio information. Really a legacy way of processing audio but still there in the case of phone calls. You’d need to bring these frequencies back in some way ideally. There are AI tools that may help such as Enhance Speech in Premire Pro Beta or Studio Sound in Descript. These may not do everything though. Spectral Recovery in iZotope RX is probably your best bet but I wouldn’t expect miracles here.

Thx Mike for the pointers. It looks … challenging.

I have stumbled across an old DSP plugin called XAP and have improved the sound a little … I need it to run during live shows so will stick with this and keep on fiddling.