Best frequencies for voice overs do you agree

Use a High Pass Filter to Cut Everything Below 80Hz. This is a common practice and something that you can do to improve any voice over. …
Cut 100-300 Hz to Add Clarity. …
Cut 300-400 Hz if the Voice Sounds ‘Muddy’ …
A Wide Boost Between 2-6 kHz Can Improve Clarity. …
Cut Around 3-5 kHz if the Voice Sounds too Sibilant.


Way to go @padj1, just 5 steps for easy start. I quote " just we cannot trust to much on the presets, or just the EQ curve and not to assume that every track needs EQ. (Graham Cochrane. The recording Revolution) " :wink:

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hi '@juanmapinker hope u are well over there ,cheers for the reply :sunglasses::yum:

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Thank you @padj1, yes, I’m ok. I hope you too. Cheers!
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Awesome, such a great starting guide @padj1!

I’d maybe go a little higher for sibilance treatment (perhaps 4-8 kHz) otherwise this is a great voice over EQ starter template.