Best audio settings for Adobe audition and Rodecaster Pro

Hi, I wonder what are Rodecaster Pro and Adobe Audition best audio settings for recording. I bought Lewitt MTP 250 DM dynamic mic, but mic level I have to increase to 40 that the audio recording would be okey on Audition. is it normal that I have to increase so much the level?

At what level does your audio now peak inside audition?

I don’t have a Rodecaster pro nor do I have that microphone but that does seem an immense amount of gain you’re having to add.


Even that’s still very quiet given the boost you’ve added but what you may need to do is add a cloudlifter to your chain.

Some dynamic mics are notoriously quiet and need a lot of gain and the trick is getting that gain boost cleanly without introducing noise. I know the Shure SM7B is such a mic, never had experience with your mic but you may want to look at added a cloudlifter in which will add clean gain to the signal coming into the Rodecaster.

That said though you have more than enough signal going into audition as it is. You can always normalise up quiet audio once you’ve recorded as long as the amount of gain hasn’t added noise to the audio.

I tested out different mic. at shop and they all had the same problem with my Rodecaster Pro. Not only dynamic mic but also condenser microphones. So, it could be actually then faulty Rodecaster Pro? If i use UR22mkII audio interface then this device gives a strong boost for audio.

I have my mic run through a dbx 286s and into a mixer. Previously I had it run through a dbx286s and into an interface and I’ve never had any issue with signal level.

Maybe @Mike could confirm is this is a known issue with the Rodecaster pro. I know he did some videos with one and I can’t really say much more on the device as I don’t have one.

Certainly if every mic comes in that quiet it may be that you have a faulty device.