Best 4G Failover Modem for Live Streaming

Apologies for the dropout on the live stream today. My internet connection has been dropping out every 60 minutes since yesterday and it had an impact on today’s show.

I did get all the recording recovered even though OBS Studio crashed :sweat_smile:

I’ll post the podcast shortly and I’ll delete the live stream and re-upload the full video to YouTube.

Now my question… has anyone here had experience with 4G failover setups? What would you recommend? Is there a good way to do this so that if your cable drops out I can immediately switch to 3G, 4G, LTE etc.

I want to make sure this doesn’t happen again :smiley:

Do you already have a 4G mobile hotspot that you are trying to add as a failover source or are you looking for a full solution that provides the backup signal? In the US it looks like Cradlepoint has some great routers and work well with Verizon but not sure who your provider is there on the Isle. You may want to check directly with your cell provider if they have a solution you can use.

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Thank you @Ira_Carlson the Cradlepoint gear looks really sweet.

I have seen a few decent packages from my UK mobile data provider EE.

We’re less thank a mile from our nearest 4G cell tower so I’m thinking of something that would automatically trip over to 4G if the wired landline connection drops. That is, in my opinion, an essential requirement for live streamers :slight_smile:

The 4G SIM wouldn’t need a crazy data plan either. I usually chew up about 2 GB in bandwidth for 1 hour and considering drops are around 5 minutes that’d only cost around 100 MB - 150 MB per drop.

All thoughts appreciated!

Hi @Mike

That link you have there is the one I posted for you in the Live Stream. EE are the best in my opinion.

You should note that BT own EE, so if you want to get away from BT you can, but it is an entirely different network to your broadband so you should be fine either way.

Hope you find a solution and that the issues get fixed before you next go live.