Batch processing De-Clicker under /Diagnostics

So I came across this problem that apparently many people are having with Audition but no one seems to know.

For some reason the “Diagnostics” panel “DeClicker” & “Delete Silence” are not able to be recorded as a favorite and therefore not possible to “Batch process”
If you are working on hundreds of single short voice over clips you basically have to manually click thou all of them.

Some people suggested working in the Multitrack because you can apply the “Automatic Click Remover” but there seems to be no way to extract the individual Clips again with the applied effects ingrained in the waveform without changing the file name of each clip.

Any idea or workaround, would appreciate it a lot

I’m not sure that this is possible. Have you tried to make it into a Favorite process that you can run under Batch Processing?

Yes I tried that thank you it did not work, Infobox: “no action was recorded”

My last hope was to apply the effect on multitrack and then “convert to unique copy” but this does not ad the effects to the waveform. Also exporting the clip with a shortcut does add the effects to the waveform but also changes the name of the saved clip.

Can’t believe this is not already an option, may Adobe follow this community and update Audition :slight_smile: