Batch Process Files with Consecutive File Names

I’m trying to rename a lot of audio files with consecutive file names. They are music tracks for our automation system at my local radio station. For example, I want to take about 50 songs from an artist with file names like “Eddy Arnold- Make the World Go Away” and convert them into file names like ARnld01, ARnld02, 03… I’ve been running a batch process on all the files and exporting them with the file name of ARnld01 and it makes the rest called ARnld01 (copy 1, 2, 3). Is it possible to make a batch process template so this process becomes automatic when I run the batch process instead of having to go back and rename each file individually? Any help would be wonderful!

Try with Total Commander. Shareware that you can use forever - just type 1, 2 or 3 when asked.


I’ve been using the program for almost 20 years. There are many tasks TC can do, but your task is here:

I use File Renamer Turbo which is a pretty impressive bit of freeware

Automator is an amazing native app if you’re on Mac.

Thanks for the suggestion Mike!

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