Audition with MP3

Hello all, does anyone know how to change the defaults in audition so that MP3 files can be used in mutitrack without having to be converted in .wav files because .wav files are taking up allot of space on my hard drive!


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It is not possible to use a compressed format like MP3 in any editing programme.
I suggest you add a second or external drive to handle the storage issue you’re having.


Hi Bjorn

As a general rule always work with the best quality files that you can. MP3 is a heavily compressed format, each time you save MP3 compresses the audio so that the files are small in size.

Best practice is to work in .wav files. They are bigger files because they aren’t compressed like mp3 files but the downside in compressing mp3 files is there is inevitably a quality loss each time you save and this compression occurs.

As @The_Tone_Arranger says buy additional storage space if you are serious about audio production. While it’s space consuming always work in .wav and only save the final production in .mp3 will get you the best quality results.

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Absolutely best to work in WAV if possible.

MP3 should also import into a multitrack. I’m sure I’ve been able to do this before without trouble.

Storage is getting cheaper all the time and WD Black drives are some of the best for editing media.

It is uncompressed and converted to wave format upon opening.

I’d never noticed that. Am I missing something? Seems to be MP3 in multitrack for me…

That’s just the file name.

Yeah that’s what happens i open a .mp3 file and it converts it to .wav

Imagine a wave file as a milk carton (uncompressed) that you can add and take milk from.

Now imagine a MP3 file as a flattened (compressed) milk carton to save on space.