Audition - MultiTrack editing query

I’m missing something that I assume is really super simple within Audition - maybe you guys can help. When I make a cut in (for instance) Track One of a five track Multitrack session, how do I make all the other tracks beneath it keep in pace with the timeline - because if I do even just one small edit, it will be mere moments before all the tracks are massively out of sync with each other and there will be chaos!

You need to select the audio you want to cut using the Time tool. The way to do this is to type the letter T and you will see the cursor change to like a straight line (type V to get it back to the other cursor). Then, use this cursor to select the part of the track you want to remove (click and drag to highlight). You will see, it highlights the track and all the others too above and below it. Next go to Edit > Ripple Delete > Time Selection in All Tracks. This will delete all tracks equally within the highlighted area. As a time saving tool, create a keyboard shortcut for the ripple delete. Mine is on the “,” key. Hope this helps…

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Brilliant. Thanks a million for that - much appreciated!