Audition Jumps When Zooming-New Monitor

I have recently encountered a problem. I’ve upgraded my external monitor (attached to 2017 MacBook Pro) to an LG 4K UHD screen. When plugged in via USB-C and working in Audition, the experience is mostly good. Except the fact that when zooming in and out of waveforms via the scroll wheel on the mouse, I get really delayed scrolling/zooming into the waveform. Even with auto-scroll enabled, the visuals are rather jumpy. Any solution to handle this?

Are you plugging direct into the USB-C or using some kind of hub or converter @ryanday? It could be the hub/converter causing the lag. Your display will only be as good as the cables and converters you’re using.

I love the Thunderbolt 3 dock from Elgato:

One hub will get you power, multiple monitors, USB, ethernet and more all via one USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) connection.

Same problem here. I just upgraded to an LG 4K Ultrafine display from a regular Viewsonic monitor on my Mac mini. Everything looks FANTASTIC…except the refresh rate on AA.

The screen is crystal clear, but when the playhead scrolls through the track, or when I side scroll through the track, it’s pretty jumpy and not smooth like the old monitor was. Same thing happens when I zoom in and out…very jumpy. I’m plugged directly into the Mac with the USB-C.