Audition and Premiere Pro difference in audio?

Hello there,

I’ve been generating some video’s with text to speech for our e-learning.
With this the avatar is speaking a bit to fast. So I decided to slow him down.

After trying this in premiere with “Speed&Duration” i got this weird echo in my audio.
So I decided to edit the audio in audition and stretch it to 105% which suited me well and sounded OK. Now the following takes place.

While importing the audition sound file back in to Premiere the video (including audio) was set to 95% with speed&duration (with “maintain pitch” on). Combining this with the Audition file shows me that the audio track are not completely the same and requires me to manually sync this with the lips. It’s not much work adding a frame here and there. But I wonder if anyone can relate or even tell me if I’m doing something that can be done wiser.

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Interesting. I guess the video and audio go out of snyc between apps which is understandable. Have you tried doing the time stretch only in Adobe Premiere Pro using the Rate Stretch Tool (shortcut key - R).

You can then change the duration of the video and audio/audio only/video only.

If you want to work on video only ‘Optical Flow’ settings will create a very smooth time stretch. Access by right clicking the clip Time Interpolation > Optical Flow.

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Thanks Mike for your response much appreciated. I’ve tested this out with the rate stretch tool. Which I already did with the video and audio as default linked together.

I’ve unlinked the audio from the video. Then stretched them both separately. The result was fine when leaving the option “maintain audio pitch” unchecked. The off course caused the audio pitched a little. When setting the option “Maintain audio pitch” the audio does have the correct pitch but introduces this weird echo.

My (better solution than before) is to use the “Pitch shifter” effect in premiere and change the pitch manually. Then the audio works out fine. Should have thought about this sooner would have saved me a lot of time syncing the audio.

So not the preferred solution but a good working solution for this.

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Great to hear it @Harold109 oh, I forgot to mention, Adobe Audition also has a feature called Automatic Speech Alignment if you have a reference file you’re working to. This could be even more accurate but you’d need an original reference file to align the audio to.

Thanks for thinking along Mike,
I’ll be sure to take a look at this feature, I was not aware of this.