Audiotrack for my website

i have made an audio file form me website what one should i go with please vote now

please also feel free to give me some feedback


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I will vote for the No. 1

thank you

how was the audio quality on my voice

Liam, for me it is #1

thank you for your vote

@Liam_Sloan, also for me #1, your voice sounds great :wink:

thank you for the vote and thank you for the great comet i have applied the encn method that mike has been showing us on one of the live shows

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Excellent @Liam_Sloan, that’s great

#1 has a better flow for me.

My goodness I couldn’t decide between 1 and 2. I like them both. Great job! To take it a step further…I’d also love to hear it, Liam with your energy and excitement turned up a touch and a big smile. Even put your arms out to the sides like you are about to welcome someone with a bear hug. I love the energy you have here before introing Lukas Graham (great song by the way). Keep up the excellent work, man!

thank you so much for the feedback