Audio Stems from Today's Live Stream

Here are all my stems from today’s live stream. I can’t wait to see what you create!

Post a reply here and share your audio creations with us. Have fun mixing this weekend everyone :slight_smile:


@Mike, I can only see your MRC folder. I’m gonna need access to your full Google Drive to make sure I download these stems correctly. LOL

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Ha ha @Joe_Salmi!

Can you see a “Download All” button in the top right? That should download all folders and files as one single .zip file. If you’re logged in you should also be able to add the folder to your Google Drive which may sync quicker.

Would anyone like to collaborate with me?
Would you be able to edit the music bed into my mix?

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hahaha I’m kidding @Mike I was talking about all your goodies outside of that MRC folder. But, Yes I did download them all to my drive.

Thank you

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Here’s my weekend challenge effort.

I’ve used different background music (Phase Three by Huma-Huma) found in the YouTube audio library as the bed plus some other sound effects. I’ve also added a my own over voice-over saying “this is the sound of…”.

Didn’t get as much time as i wanted with this, i still think there’s an issue with matching the VO to the beat and it might need some more effects.

I did try to do a “enter the room” effect where you start off only hearing the bass frequencies and fade in the higher frequencies, but I couldn’t get it to work so abandoned that idea until I learn how to do it properly!

Punchy and very busy.

Love Mike’s Mixdown Challenge.

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You did such a good job @Hot_Jazz_Chick and @ptryng. I featured these in today’s live stream! :tada:


Prior to mixdown, try sending all to a stereo bus and add a sweeping EQ to it.


Thanks Mike, looking forward to future challenges! The live streams are brilliant and I hope you can continue them after August :slight_smile:

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A bit late, but unfortunately I did not have time last weekend so did it this evening.

Let me know :smiley:


@Marnix That one is unbelievable! I’m listening to it on repeat xD What’s the background-music’s name?

Thanks mate! The track is from Lucas & Steve called “Up Till Dawn”

Nice, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

This is AWESOME!

@Marnix I think it is great you dropped “I’m Lucas and I’m Steve” into the mix too. :star2:

Way, way, way to late Lol, but I’m having fun!! I hope the clip sounds Ok for you, not Always loud means better. @piitciia. @gavc68 Please tell me @Mike @Izabela is it worth to be at the Live show? By the way, great T-Shirt you have on your VR recording :wink:

Cheers to all from Mexico! Proud to be a member of this great community and part of the MRC Universe!


That’s full on, man!

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Thank you @Mr-Shortcuts! Nice to hear from you, Cheers!