Audio Processor Silver 4B-Mini FM

Hi there in radioland. We have some problems with the sound of you station. We are using the above processor. The problem is that it is a legazy model and bought used, so no support. Can someone with the knowhow take a listen to our station at come with critic. It seems like the sound goes in waves. Alot of highend to not so much highend every 10 sec. It depends on the volume in the track. I have tried to mess around with the limiter but no luck. And also the sound sounds very center. Not mono but not that much stereo… Please help…

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Jess Pedersen
Easy FM

What is your stream rate + what is your broadcast software = can’t help w/o information

Is this online terrestrial or both ?

Operations MGR


We swiched out the silver for a TC Electronic DB Max Level Maximizer and Audio Enhancement processor.
Sounds a bit better but not to my satisfaction though.

The audio is still very muddy, very wide and just not that clear sounding. Again using build in presets so I would think that the sound would be great. The stock presets are designed by the engineers of TC electronics i guess.

If by streamrate you mean the bitrate in what we stream its 192kps. The software is RadioHost and we only stream online.

So i dont know if its the build in soundcard of the pc thats crap or it is something deeper. The sound that we were aiming after “allthougt its not possible whithout a pocket full of cash” was Capital FM. That clean not squeeky highend, that soft, not hard mid, and not to bassy lowend.

Does any of this make sence ?

Jess Pedersen
Easy FM


OKAY it’s gonna get a bit complicated so here I go

I’ve been listening for about 30 mins. There is tooo much compression on the bass signal. That is causing the distortion you’re hearing.

Now for the bad news your software is soooooo outdated it’s scary. Your software doesn’t support the newer audio cards. You’d have to be running off a mixing board to adjust your signal. Yout software doesn’t offer those types of station control.

Let me suggest a couple of worthwhile options

Sam Broadcaster Pro

NextKast Radio Automation

Either of these options work well. Sam Pro is very pricey ( $ 300 USD ) unless you’re using one of their hosting packages. It has VERY fine tuning controls for your stream signal. Nextkast is a great alternative @ $ 200 USD for full station automation. it offers less signal control but more programming options for automating tasks.

I really enjoy your format, but 80-90% of what I heard was NEVER ment to have the deep bass line currently carried in your signal.

I hope I’ve provided you options that are viable for your station.

MSJ :slight_smile: