Audio presets for DaVinci Resolve

Hey @Mike I just saw your video on Audio Editing in DaVinci Resolve. Great video! When can we expect to see Radio Imaging presets for DaVinci Resolve. I would like to emulate the Adobe Audition presets and the Premiere presets since I dropped Creative Cloud, leaving me unable to use the presets 2.0 and 3.0. I enjoyed the one on one session for Logic Pro voiceover presets we connected for in April of ‘23, but now all of my editing is in DaVinci Resolve Studio. My audio editing is in old Adobe Audition CS6, but I now use Resolve’s Fairlight section since CS6 doesn’t support some of my Waves plugins, yet Fairlight does. I would be interested in the Adobe Audition-type of radio imaging presets and the Premiere-type of noise reduction presets. I don’t mind having to pay for them again, because Resolve Studio was only a one-time fee of $295. I will never go back to Adobe’s subscription model when even the free version of Resolve handles audio editing.

Keeping my fingers crossed…


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This is an absolutely great question. Thanks for asking @worldfamousrahim and for the kind comments. Watch this space - I’m working on them! :slight_smile:

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