Audio Grainy Noise - Adobe Audition

Hello, i’m a beginner and i’m using adobe audition to edit some recordings that i have, removing noise, turning it up, adding reverb, ex.
recently im having an issue where the sound gets grainy-like noise if it passed -4 db, wich is pretty strange to me because it was fine before.

i’ve tried to analyse and track my steps, the only thing changed that the audio file is in mp3 format instead of wav (raw) format
could it be the issue ?
and if so, is there any solution for that ?
Thank you.

Hi #Yossef,
First a .wav file is NOT a raw file. Most common used extension for a raw file is pcm, raw or sam.
Also a wav file has some compression in it, a raw file is uncompressed.
You need to study everything under the menu item effects, there you can find everything about amplitude, noise reduction, reverb , echo etc.

When you save a wav file to a mp3 file should not give distortion or any kind of lack in sound. the only thing that happen is that a mp3 has been saved with higher compression, makes the file size also smaller.

Hope this information will help you further.
Have a great day!