Audio editing in Da Vinci Resolve or Audacity?

Is there any real benefit of editing audio in Da Vinci or Audacity? Da Vinci’s design seemed more user-friendly. I record through OBS, mainly because i am also recording video. If i was recording just audio i could see maybe switching software if there was a benefit. I believe i could also run my audio through Audacity and record in OBS as an input but that seems redundant due to filters already applied in OBS. In theory i could also record audio through Audacity and then add it into da vinci over a video. Im having issues getting quality of audio up to where i want it, and (i know its majority skill issue) just want to know if you felt it was easier to learn/edit in Da Vinci or Audacity.

Hey @Sandy, both Da Vinci Resolve and Audacity are audio editing software with their pros and cons.

Da Vinci Resolve is great if you’re editing audio for video content because of its easy interface and tools.

Audacity is ideal for more advanced audio editing because of its numerous plugins and preview features.

Remember that Audacity is also free while Da Vinci Resolve is paid. I guess it depends on the type of project you’re working on. If you’re focusing specifically on audio I’d start with Audacity if I had the choice of those two. If you have video aspirations then check out Resolve for sure.