Are the Focusrite boxes good for PC?

I currently use the line level out of my board directly into line in on a Sound Blaster audio card in my PC. Have been thinking of placing a interface in the chain. What are the benefits and or limitations?

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Hi DJ Nightstalker. I use a 2i2 on my windows 10 pc and love it.

Sounds a lot nicer than my old Behringer interface which is hiding away somewhere behind the mixer


I’m using a 2i2 to send mixing desk master output to the live stream.

Great little box, especially for voice overs, plug in and off you go. Works on Mac, PC and even on the move on MacBook or laptop. USB makes it easy to plug and play and no drivers needed (at least for Mac in my experience).

Careful of hot audio if you’re plugging a line-in input or instrument. I mentioned this on the stream today and I have read other threads online about others with this issue.

The 2i4 has pad buttons and may be better when patching audio right in.

All in all Focusrite make quality gear!

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Thanks Daft_Cat,

I see you also use a Behringer mixer. The exact one I use in the home studio. If it is a USB model are they not doing the same thing. I am trying to weight if I should use a USB mixer or an interface. Which gives you the most function and flexibility?

Thanks for the nugget Mike. When I add one to my kit I will keep and eye on those levels!

The Behringer 1002FX next to the 2i2 has no interface built in. It was previously paired up with a very cheap Behringer UCA222 USB audio interface, which was better than relying on the noisy on board audio on my PC. It was enough to get me streaming on a very tight budget years ago. A mixer with a built in USB interface will do the same thing, however I prefer the flexibility of having a completely stand alone interface.

Oh hi guys!

Firstly, I’m a complete novice to audio editing. I’ve done much research on equipment and have learned much from Mike here at MRC (thank you)! Yet, I still have much to learn.

I’m not sure if the issues I’m having are due to the PC, but here’s what I have going on… I have a Scarlet 18i8 that I purchased earlier this year to be used with 4 Newer NW-700 mics, no mixer, and using Audition CC. It seems to sound great until I mix it down. I have tried low gain and high gain and still have the issue with “hot audio.” I’ve tried recording in individual tracks and combined, still having the issue.

When it’s all said and done, I believe it has something to do with having to have a combination of the Focusrite software properly set up along with the actual Scarlet box. Trial and error still has me on the “error” side. Searching forums has not helped much either, sadly. My next step is to get a mic sound booth for each of us and try to eliminate as much voice over crossovers as I can.

I’m sure one of the Audition people will have some good suggestions for you, Whilst I’m not an audition user, I’d start by checking effects and making sure you don’t have any effects set up that are raising the levels beyond what you are expecting.

Hope you find the problem

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Check your Focusrite control panel, maybe you set your channels in a loop that is why it would go hot. But always consider, when you mix 4 mics and let’s say you recorded all of them at -6db of peak. Mix down is adding them together and without any limiter to control output, you go over digital 0 and distort your recordings.


I use Mike’s presets/template in Audition. Thanks for the suggestions! @Daft_Cat_Brewing and @Saba. I have more to try when I get a chance. :slight_smile:

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I have the 2i2 and it’s great

Yep - me too the 2i2 is just fabulous for the money. Have used in it in a normal living room with a vocalist through a SM58 direct into Logic, no filters, no foam, sounded great after just a little tweaking. I was really impressed. Go for it!

So it seems that everyone has the 2i2, I don’t… I want one but not sure what I could use it for… I don’t do live streaming, yet… I do run the sound at my church but what good would a 2i2 be for me? like what potentially could I do with it? What’s it advantages?

No problems with the 2i2. Love it!

You can do so much with it. The pre amps are amazing, just give it a try and you will see that it’s an awesome interfece.