Another big Waves sale

Use coupon code HALF to bring the prices down further. Most plugins are currently around $24/£18 this way.

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Oh my, that’s good!
Does it apply to bundles?
I noticed they have this new rent-to-buy scheme, a bit like Propellerhead, but when I looked at it more closely I think they implemented it really badly!

Any new plugins from Waves recently worth raving about? I’d be interested to hear what everyone’s using :slight_smile:

Don’t know if they’re new, but I’ve bought a couple of plugins recently to help with audio restoration (seem to be editing a lot of podcasts recently) - impressed with how simple and effective the NS1 Noise Suppressor is, but yet to find out how the W43 plugin helps.

Been having fun with the Doppler plugin too, for stereo movement. The old manual way to achieve this: duplicate a track, make one 100% Left and the other 100% Right, then put a fade in across the entirety of one and a fade out across the whole of the other. The Doppler plugin gives a little more flexibility!

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Anything that involves a doppler is lots and lots of fun!