Annoying audio drop and crackle


On the show today, I noticed a repetition of audio drops and crackles on Mike’s mic.
Electrical clicks perhaps, or early signs of pre-amp failure ,

Here’s the audio from the Youtube replay of what I heard on the livestream.


That kind of sounds like issues I’ve heard with auto-gate.

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Thanks for posting this @The_Tone_Arranger. I checked my noise gate settings but they all seem good and the drop outs I hear are mid word which is curious.

I think I will check up on the NDI settings I have. Perhaps reinstall the OBS NDI plugins as this has given me dropouts before. I upgraded every OBS to v23 before this stream so perhaps the NDI plugin needs a kick too.

Thanks for posting!

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Izabela’s mic was fine.

Interesting, I need to check and have a little tweak. Thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile:

Master Output affected this time.


Thanks for keeping an ear on this @The_Tone_Arranger.

I’m 99% sure it’s the NDI plugins I’m using to run audio into the master OBS on our streaming PC. I need to figure out if it’s simply a bug that needs fixing, a clean install or otherwise maybe I can use a cable to route the audio directly.

Any thoughts on audio drop outs via NDI using OBS Studio would be welcome.

Yesterday was bad but it settled after the first few minutes.

With my faultfinding hat on, I’d start looking at loads USB especially. If it’s choked, you get cpu clocking issues, frame drops, audio dropouts, spikes etc. Check the spare bandwidth left when OBS (loading) starts streaming. Don’t record with OBS it takes over read/write priority to hdd/media storage it can’t do both read/write at the same time hence more bottlenecks and choking. Consider PCIe Crucial MX500 M.2 NVME it’s 4 times faster than a single pci slot by using 4 lanes instead of one. Eliminates bottlenecks in data transfer another cause of choking. On failing benchmarking with your system, I would look at OBS rollback to the last known good version.

Thanks @The_Tone_Arranger this is really helpful.

I just did some real hard testing on this issue. I wondered if I would get a better result by using the NDI output on Wirecast Pro. That seems to be completely drop-out free - hmmm… I may be moving to a Wirecast setup for streaming especially as the NDI is included in that and not a third party plug-in. Perhaps with the latest v23 of OBS it has put things a little out of sync.

Appreciate the help!