Am I missing something 8-)

Hi Gals and Guys.
Yes this is a bad recording with the background noises sorry.
On all of my recordings I see 2 things that jump out at me. On the image you can see 2 red boxes.
The top box I have never recorded anything in that frequency range
the lower red box there always appears to be a line going through the recordings. could you explain what I am seeing or not seeing please. This was one of my first recordings a few months ago. but they all have the lower red box area.

Hello @Bob_Skinner, sorry for my question, but did you check your cables or connection jacks? maybe you have some “ground” issues or some bad cable issue.

I’m just wonder

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Thanks for getting back @Juanmapinker
I have tried many cables.
Things I have tried.

changing the output from full size jack out from the sound desk to Mini jack.
RCA out from sound desk to mini jack.
full size jack to USB
All seem to have the same result.
All leads are new.

@Bob_Skinner check this article, maybe you can find out something that helps.

Thanks for the link but I am being refused to be allowed on that page for some reason.

The top frequencies could be harmonics or high frequency room ambience from electronics or something. If you isolate those frequencies and boost the @#$% out of it can you maybe hear what it is?
But either way, if it is bothering you, it is super easy to remove in Audition using the marquee selection tool.

The lower line could just be that your mic doesn’t respond well to frequencies around the 5k mark.
What mic are you using? I’ll see if I can find the frequency response chart.

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Thanks for replying @GavinGavin
The Mic on this was e815S Sennheiser

Wow… Just realised on my flappy I have one account and my mobile another lol

In the frequency response chart you can see there is quite a high response to frequencies between around 500k and 10000k

In my mind that should mean we would see brighter colours in that range on the spectral display. Could be a manufacturing fault in the mic, but I’m not sure.
I am relatively certain it is to do with the mic though. Would be interesting to see the spectral display with another mic, but if it’s not audibly noticeable I wouldn’t worry too much.

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