Alternative to djay Pro

I know that @Mike showed a great piece of software that would show you the BPM as well as the Key of the song.

I found one that is free! MIXXX 2.0

I’m still testing it out, but it is looking good.

It is a memory hog though.


Wow, I’m impressed that it is cross platform. It recognises BPM and key which is amazing.

I didn’t notice anywhere on the site… is it also open source?

This is great although one of the killer features in djay Pro is the Spotify Premium intergration. You suddenly have BPM and key information for over 40,000,000 music tracks. That is powerful information for creating beat mixes :wink:

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You can attach your music collection to mixxx. I now have the BPM and key for my collection.

It is indeed open source:

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This is a good alternative and great that it’s a free software. Thanks @cyberlarson

I’ve got the new iPad Pro and I saw, that there is Pacemaker as an DJ Pro alternative for free, with the Spotify and BPM thing …


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Amazing suggestions coming up in this thread. Thanks for the latest one @piitciia!

I have it and I can tell you that works fine. Dj Pro it’s has more stuff to play with, but peace maker can do plenty.

Great shout @cyberlarson Downloaded and will try it out

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