All in one AE, 3DS, Premiere, Audition, etc

This project… I made it 3 years ago using After Effects, 3D Studio, Audition, Video Copilot “Element”, Premiere, etc… It was for a concert for a Pink Floyd Tribute in where I was the main singer. Everything on this It’s on my own, graphics, text… everything. You can see and hear me with a pitch shifter on my voice… “Welcome… to the machine…” I mix it with the real sound at the concert so It’s no problem for publishing… it’s on facebook and Youtube for all this years so, here it is hope to have your comments @Mike, and of course… everyone at the community. It was a total week of work for this… from this I made that video I sent you before for MRC, just a little peak of a whole work Mike.

PF Tribute

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Amazing! Love the way you landed your line, too! Incredible graphics.


Thank you, and thanks for your supporting words on the other post. Cheers! :metal::metal::sunglasses:

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This was certainly worth the effort @Juanmapinker some mind blowing effects in there.

You are a multi-talented person indeed, Juan!

I appreciate Pink Floyd and am grateful for the share.

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Thank you @Mike for your comment, and glad you like it! :metal::metal::metal:

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