Album Cover Art in Meta ID3 Tags

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can I somehow define an album cover artwork for a track which appears as cover art when de track is mixed down as a file and importet for example to itune, then there should appear the cover art?

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I use mp3tag which is free. It’s a good mp3 tag editor and can do exactly what you want.

Create yourself a jpg image in the right size and proportion then in mp3 tag you can add the artwork so it appears as cover art when the track plays.

@markdenholm Sorry for answering as late. Thank you for the recommendation, but unfortunately this mp3tag does not work for me somehow. I do it this way: I import a file to itunes, and convert it to mp3 in itunes, then I can define a cover image in the option “information”. When i then drop this mp3 out it keeps all infos I defined in itunes.

But I still wonder, if there is an Audition way to do it.

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@piitciia You can definitely tag audio in audition but as far as I know it’s one file at a time if you do it that way.

Shame MP3 tag doesn’t work for you, that’s where I do all my tag maintenance.

For my pleasure now in AA the cover art is available at the Meta Tags as @Mike showed in this episode … … but in my case, the options are greyed out and I can not define an image. What do I do wrong. I’ve got the latest updates and all that stuff.

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Hello @piitciia! The artcover of the metadata is disable at the multitrack workflow. Are you trying to manage an art work in this scenario? If you try it in an single audio file, you can use the “image” browser.

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Hi @Juanmapinker, thanks for your idea. Indeed I worked in Multitrack, but unfortunately I can not use the image browser in Waveform Mode too. It is greyed out and not clickable.

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Oh, I am a dummy! The cover art only works with .mp3 files and I wanted to add this album cover art image to .wav and .aiff files. So with .mp3 in waveeditor it works of course.


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I was just Saw that in the Apple support forum. Nice you solved it.

Cheers @piitciia!