AI Voice Overs - Are Voice Artists Going To Be Out of Jobs Soon?

Highly controversial topic. Would you/Did you use successfully AI generated voice overs in your audio projects (radio jingles, DJ drops, podcast intro, narration etc - nothing here is off the table)? How did that go? Post an example in the comments below. What’s your take on the whole AI voice over scene?

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I surely do not hope that Voice over artists are over. I work with both on a regular basis. The choice that we make is often based on the how multilingual your content is. I produce video content for e-learning purposes. We always have a big plus for the real voice. And when it’s only produced in one language (most of the time) a real voice is in my opinion always better (still). But I must say that I use Synthesia in a lot of cases as well. Just because switching between languages and adjusting your AI voice over is a lot easier and less time consuming. And the results are improving a lot. So I disliked it at first, but it makes my work in some cases a lot more scalable, cost effective and less time consuming.

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Thanks for sharing! Yes - I can imagine that cost effectiveness is HUGE when it comes to multi-language projects. And as you say - the AI tools do get better all the time.

YES,look at this: