Adobe auditition

For some reason audition has stopped mixdown in mp3 error comes up saying destination is full although its a massive harddrive with plenty of room yet it will mixdown in wav
Any ideas

Check your temp destinations in Audition Preferences > Media & Disk Cache

See that Audition Audio Disk Cache is set to that big HDD of yours also set a secondary location for extra safety :wink:

Thanks mike
That sorted it the memory on laptop isnt that big explains a lot bit strange that it allows wav which is a larger file never mind it has sorted it thanks again

Hello…Mike…excuse me for dispensing with the pleasantries…but how does a person do post produiction on an audio file in Adobe Audition (i.e. compression, parametric eq… etc…) and make the file fit to ACX’s requirements…?.. I’ll end up spending an hour on eq and other standard plugins for the file, only to ultimately make it ACX compliant by "hitting"it with "normalize"to -3…then doing an amplitude statistic scan to get the numbers right.
Thank You - good videos