Adobe Audition Voice Over Preset as Rack

Hello there! - I just recently purchased Adobe Audition Voice Over Presets

hoping I could use the presets on a ‘rack’ for effects, for when I am streaming.
Sadly I do not have the competence to figure out how to do this, so I hope you will be able to assist me.

Now I hope to get some instructions from you in regards to how I might setup the following, using the voice presets I purchased.

Is this at all possible? Thank you for your time, and the presets are still fantastic. It’s just a shame that I am currently limited only to recording without streaming.

Cool tutorial by Psynaps. Yes, you can technically do this but may get some latency (or long delay in noob terms) :slight_smile:

You’ll need the software called Virtual Audio Cable and once installed open Adobe Audition load your preset and set up your microphone.

You also need to configure Virtual Audio Cable in your recording and playback devices of your sound settings on your computer to ensure that the sound being processed in Audition gets transmitted to your streaming software.

In Audition go to the preferences and ‘Audio Hardware’. Here set your microphone as the default input and select line one (Virtual Audio Cable) as the default output.

Finally, in multitrack click on the ‘R’ button to enable recording and ‘I’ to enable monitoring. You should get real time effects but, be warned, with some delay.

OBS has VST plugins ability which may be good for a use case such as this.

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i managed to get it to work after a restart, thanks for the great support!